Friday, October 11, 2013

Apples, Apples and more APPLES!!

When most people think of Sonoma County the only thing that comes to mind is wine grapes. And really, they are not wrong. With the wine business booming and only continuing to grow, it is natural path of mind. But what many non-locals DON'T know is that Sonoma County, especially Sebastopol, CA is renown for apples! We are one of the few farms left that harvest the Gravenstein apples, which our Highway is named after. These apples are slightly tart, crisp and perfect for baking. Having a season lasting from the end of July to early September, many folks miss out on these prized apples. However disappointing that it is now October, don't fret!! Today at Kozlowski Farms we finished harvesting our Rome Beauty Apples!! These may be different from the Gravs, but just as delicious!! They are a gorgeous red with slight yellow, crisp and so sweet.